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Spring Bioscience was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Pleasanton, California. Led by a team of world-class researchers and scientists, our strategy is to develop a carefully selected portfolio of products that will provide both the research as well as the diagnostic communities with strategic and effective antibody biomarkers for assessing protein expression in tissue. The Spring team complements these antibody products with an elegant selection of advanced detection and ancillary products that are useful in the field of IHC.

Spring antibodies have become renowned for their robust, highly sensitive and specific characteristics. Our focus on tissue pathology also lead to the advent of the first rabbit monoclonal antibodies developed for use in IHC. Many of these “SP” or Spring proprietary clones have subsequently risen to international prominence in their respective areas – the most notable being our SP1 Estrogen Receptor antibody. SP1 is recommended as the gold standard by leading breast cancer pathologists/agencies and is distributed around the world.

  • Antibody Portfolio
    • Technology
      • Rabbit Monoclonals
        • Rabbit Monoclonal (RMab) Technology
        • Press Release
      • Rabbit Polyclonals
      • Mouse Monoclonals
    • Pathway
      • Apoptosis
      • Cancer Markers
      • Cell Cycle
      • Hematopoiesis
      • Hormone
      • Signal Transduction
      • Stem Cell
      • Transcriptional Regulators
      • Neuroscience
      • Other Pathways
        • AKT/PKB Signaling
        • Angiogenesis
        • B-Cell Markers
        • Cell Adhesion
        • Cell Junctions
        • Channel Proteins
        • Complement
        • Cytokines
        • Cytoskeletal Proteins
        • Muscle Markers
        • Negative Control
        • Oncogenesis
        • Proteases and Protease Regulators
        • Proteolysis
        • Steroid Receptors
        • Structure Proteins
        • Synthesis and Degradation
        • T-Cell Markers
        • Translational Control
        • Transport and Traficking
        • Tumor Suppressors
        • Membrane Receptors
        • Lymphocyte Signaling
        • DNA Replicator and Repair
        • EGFR Family
        • Enzymes
        • Epitope Tags
        • Extracellular Matrix Proteins
        • GDP/GTP Binding Proteins
        • Growth Factor and Hormone
        • Homeodomain Proteins
        • Immune System Disease
        • Infectious Disease
        • Insulin Homeostasis
        • Kinase and Phosphatase
        • Tyrosine Kinase/Adaptors
    • Application
      • Immunohistochemistry
      • Western Blot
      • Other Applications
    • Spring Antibody History
      • ER SP1
      • c-erbB-2 HER-2
      • Ki-67
  • Complementary IHC Products
    • Ancillaries
      • Blocking Reagents
      • Buffers and Diluents
      • Chromogens
      • Epitope Recovery/Tissue Pretreatment Products
      • Mounting Media
      • Other Ancillaries
      • Substrates
    • Antibody Microarrays
    • Detection Systems
      • Biotin-Free Detection Systems
      • Biotin-Streptavdin Detection Systems
      • Complementary Detection Solutions for IHC
    • Recombinant Proteins
    • Detection Components and Ancillaries
      • Detection System Components
  • Molecular Probes
    • DNA Probes



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