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Sumit represents several American, British, European and Chinese companies in India for their products such as :

1) Diagnostics
2) Antigens
3) Antibodies
4) Medical Devices
5) Biocatalysts


Sedia Biosciences Corporation :

Sedia is a developer of next generation invitro diagnostic tests, including HIV tests key to the global fight against HIV/AIDS. First year products were sold to US National Surveillance Program & 5 foreign govts.

New products for 2010 and 2011 include more HIV/AIDS products, oral fluid DNA tests, oral fluid rapid tests for HIV and tests for Hepatitis B/C & Influenza A/B/Swine/Avian. Market channels depend on product, country, customer and funder.

Management: Team has proven business acumen & 80+ years experience in medical diagnostics, esp. in public health surveillance products and alternative fluid (eg oral fluid) rapid tests.

Proven ability to overcome challenging technical barriers before competitors. Successfully launched several first of a kind products. Close relationship with US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) who license and promote our products. Strong US and global experience.



Products of Kalon Biological, U.K. for testing various infections through body fluids:

Kalon Biological a company based in Ash Vale, Aldershot, UK
Kalon Biological specialises in the development and manufacture of a range of novel medical diagnostic kits and commercial (Enzyme Immunoassays) to solve current problems in healthcare. It has adopted an opportunistic philosophy in product development covering some areas where current diagnostic methods are known to have serious deficiencies. 

Kalon has developed a portfolio of EIA kits to test for viral, bacterial and parasitic infections as well as other assays for hormones and acute phase reactants. The tests are based on conventional as well as recombinant antigen technologies.

Its unique products include :



RHDV antibody EIA.


IRIS Biotech :

Founded in 2001, Iris Biotech provides scientists in both industry and academia with innovative and rare compounds, while also being your reliable partner for a comprehensive supply of standard consumables. Guided by our dedication to deliver competent service as well as the highest quality to our customers, our company’s focus remains Peptide Chemistry, while we also have strong expertise in Drug Delivery, Life Sciences and Custom Syntheses.

Our Mission is to accompany our customers in their current projects by supplying the most novel substances and latest technologies.

Drug Delivery :

Iris Biotech supplies Amino Acids, Resins, Reagents and Solvents. Besides that, we also offer a great variety of substances for Drug Delivery, such as PEGs, both in monodisperse and in polydisperse forms, as well as various poly(amino acids), which are biodegradable alternatives to PEGs. Both PEGs and poly(amino acids) are a popular tool for researchers to improve the solubility and pharmacokinetic properties of peptides, proteins, biopharmaceuticals and organic drug molecules.

Reagents for Life Sciences and Diagnostics :

The Life Sciences and Diagnostics section encompasses substrates for reporter enzymes and drug interaction studies, metabolites, glucuronides, inhibitors and inducers, antibody conjugates and cross-linkers, natural products with biological and pharmacological activity, carbohydrates, as well as dyes and fluorescent labels that are used as tools in immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Custom Synthesis :

Due to the growing demand for tailor-made compounds and solutions, we further increased our Custom Synthesis capabilities in 2013. Our skilled scientists and technicians offer profound expertise in the custom manufacturing of complex compounds, such as rare chiral building blocks, sophisticated orthogonal protecting groups, heterocycles, PEGs and PEG-analogues.

Empowering Peptide Innovation– with this guiding theme in mind, Iris Biotech attends various conferences, symposia and exhibitions each year, which allows us to remain in direct contact with scientists from academia and industry alike, in order to exchange knowledge, and to gather new ideas to tackle your current challenges.


Other Developments :
The company is in the process of finalizing tie ups with few other manufacturers for introducing into the Indian market several products such as Tests for Early Detection of Cancer, certain drugs and vaccines.


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