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  Sumit represents several American, British, European and Chinese companies in India for their products such as :

1) Diagnostics
2) Antigens
3) Antibodies
4) Medical Devices
5) Biocatalysts


DB Biotech :

DB Biotech is based in Slovakia and focused on design and production of high quality rabbit clonal antibodies developed by an “in vitro cloning technology“ which is the original invention of the company.

DB Biotech main goal is to introduce a new standard for the application of antibodies on a daily basis, from background-free western blots to special quantitative diagnostics, or potential applications of humanized antibodies for disease treatment purposes.

DB Biotech is offering custom services pertaining to design and production of clonal antibodies against any protein or its modification.


GenWay Biotech Inc :

As a leading protein and antibody solutions provider, GenWay has a proprietary technology platform and an international distribution network to provide our clients with solutions and applications for proteins, antibodies, assays, and cell lines.

GenWay’s headquarters are located in the heart of San Diego’s biotech community in the Sorrento Valley/Mesa area. The corporate facility is a 12,000 square foot 2 two story building equipped with state-of-the-art systems and equipment for our operations.

As a protein and antibody solutions provider, GenWay has a multi-functional technology platform specialized in using genes, proteins, antibodies, and their applications in cells, tissues and animal models for functional genomics and proteomics. GenWay’s core competencies enable the Company to carry out bioinformatic analyses of protein targets, produce high-quality protein antigens and ligands, and develop domain-specific IgY antibodies for immunoaffinity capture, partitioning, detection and analyses. The Company can also provide downstream proteomic analyses, target validation, and diagnostic product development.

More about GenWay…

Secondary Antibodies
Molecular Biology Products
Other Research Products


Sedia Biosciences Corporation :

Sedia is a developer of next generation invitro diagnostic tests, including HIV tests key to the global fight against HIV/AIDS. First year products were sold to US National Surveillance Program & 5 foreign govts.

New products for 2010 and 2011 include more HIV/AIDS products, oral fluid DNA tests, oral fluid rapid tests for HIV and tests for Hepatitis B/C & Influenza A/B/Swine/Avian. Market channels depend on product, country, customer and funder.

Management: Team has proven business acumen & 80+ years experience in medical diagnostics, esp. in public health surveillance products and alternative fluid (eg oral fluid) rapid tests.

Proven ability to overcome challenging technical barriers before competitors. Successfully launched several first of a kind products. Close relationship with US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) who license and promote our products. Strong US and global experience.



Spring Biosciences :

Spring Bioscience was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Pleasanton, California. Led by a team of world-class researchers and scientists, our strategy is to develop a carefully selected portfolio of products that will provide both the research as well as the diagnostic communities with strategic and effective antibody biomarkers for assessing protein expression in tissue. The Spring team complements these antibody products with an elegant selection of advanced detection and ancillary products that are useful in the field of IHC.

Spring antibodies have become renowned for their robust, highly sensitive and specific characteristics. Our focus on tissue pathology also lead to the advent of the first rabbit monoclonal antibodies developed for use in IHC. Many of these “SP” or Spring proprietary clones have subsequently risen to international prominence in their respective areas – the most notable being our SP1 Estrogen Receptor antibody. SP1 is recommended as the gold standard by leading breast cancer pathologists/agencies and is distributed around the world



Products of Ramco Laboratories Inc, USA for testing Anaemia and other disorders :

Ramco is a privately held company founded by Dr. Clarence Alfrey, MD, PhD. Dr. Alfrey is a leading hematologist in the Texas Medical Center, a researcher for NASA, on staff at the Baylor College of Medicine, the retired medical director of the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, and a former President of the Harris County Medical Society. 

Ramco Laboratories, Inc., formed in 1976, an American company based in Stafford, Texas. Ramco, manufactures, assembles, and markets proprietary medical diagnostic test kits and also distributes products for StanBio Laboratories, Inc., another Texas based company. Ramco sells to physician groups, hospitals, and reference laboratories in the U.S. and to distributors and directly to customers in international markets. Additionally, Ramco designs, commercializes, licenses, and sells assays developed by academic, research and commercial institutions.

All of Ramco's products are only for research. 


Products of Kalon Biological, U.K. for testing various infections through body fluids:

Kalon Biological a company based in Ash Vale, Aldershot, UK
Kalon Biological specialises in the development and manufacture of a range of novel medical diagnostic kits and commercial (Enzyme Immunoassays) to solve current problems in healthcare. It has adopted an opportunistic philosophy in product development covering some areas where current diagnostic methods are known to have serious deficiencies. 

Kalon has developed a portfolio of EIA kits to test for viral, bacterial and parasitic infections as well as other assays for hormones and acute phase reactants. The tests are based on conventional as well as recombinant antigen technologies.


Its unique products include :




RHDV antibody EIA.


IRIS Biotech :

was established in 2001 as an off spring of the worldwide operating enterprise CFM Oskar Tropitzsch, whose origin goes back to the first chemical company founded in Germany in the 18th century. IRIS is specialized in reagents for Life Science Research, reagents for pegylation and hydrophobic spacers and carbohydrates.



Randox Laboratories Ltd :
  Randox Laboratories Ltd has been developing manufacturing and marketing clinical diagnostic products and instruments worldwide for over 27 years.

Their life sciences department is a recognised primary manufacturer of high quality and cost-effective human recombinant proteins, polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and conjugates for a variety of research and development applications.

With over 185 research scientists and more than 27 years experience in commercial assay development, Randox Life Sciences can provide a tailor made assay development service that meets clients specifications.


Other Developments :
  The company is in the process of finalizing tie ups with few other manufacturers for introducing into the Indian market several products such as Tests for Early Detection of Cancer, certain drugs and vaccines.



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